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Figure 2

From: Anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome protein Cdc27 is a target for curcumin-induced cell cycle arrest and apoptosis

Figure 2

Curcumin-induced effects on APC/C and other cell cycle related proteins. A, Expression of the APC/C subunit APC2, the APC/C co-activator p55Cdc20 and cyclins A and E in control and curcumin-treated DAOY cells as determined by immunoblotting. GAPDH levels are included to ensure equal loading. B, Immunoblot of the APC/C subunit Cdc27 showing a curcumin-induced shift in MW (arrows) in unsynchronized DAOY cells. Because of differences in band intensity the same immunoblot is shown with two different exposures. Arrowhead and asterisk indicate the non-phosphorylated and phosphorylated bands of Cdc27, respectively C, Comparison of MW shift by curcumin between Cdc27 and other APC components. Tubulin was used for equal loading control.

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