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Figure 5

From: Engineered measles virus Edmonston strain used as a novel oncolytic viral system against human hepatoblastoma

Figure 5

The serum CEA concentrations and tumor suppression after intratumoral MV-CEA therapy of human HB xenografts. Mice bearing HB xenografts (Hep2G) were injected intratumorally with 2 × 106 TCID50 of MV-CEA every other day a total of five times (1.0 × 107 total TCID50/mouse). Treatment groups (n = 8 per group) received active MV-CEA; the untreated group received UV-inactivated MV-CEA. (a) The time course of serum CEA concentration in HB xenograft-bearing mice after MV-CEA therapy. *Group untreated versus Group treated, P < 0.05; (b) The increase in tumor volume after initiation of the MV-CEA therapy. The data points are given as the median with positive standard error. *Group untreated versus Group treated, P < 0.05; (c) The Kaplan-Meier survival curves of the treated and untreated mice. The results show significant suppression of tumor growth in the MV-CEA treated animals (p < 0.05) and statistically significant prolongation of survival (p < 0.05).

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