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Figure 1

From: A randomized, phase 2 study comparing pemetrexed plus best supportive care versus best supportive care as maintenance therapy after first-line treatment with pemetrexed and cisplatin for advanced, non-squamous, non-small cell lung cancer

Figure 1

Patient disposition. aCR/PR/SD/UNK = Complete Response (n = 1, 0.9%)/Partial Response (n = 26, 24.5%)/Stable Disease (n = 49, 46.2%), per RECIST/UNK = unknown (i.e. progression had not been documented, and 1 or more target or nontarget sites had not been assessed [n = 4, 3.8%]) bUnknown = insufficient data Abbreviations: AE = adverse event, BSC = best supportive care, Pem = pemetrexed, PD = progressive disease.

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