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Table 3 siRNA screening of 11 candidate genes by MTS assay

From: Genetic association with overall survival of taxane-treated lung cancer patients - a genome-wide association study in human lymphoblastoid cell lines followed by a clinical association study

SNP Basis for selection   MTS assay
  SNP vs paclitaxel and/or docetaxel IC50 in LCLs SNP vs survival in SCLC patients SNP vs survival in NSCLC patients Gene symbol SCLC NSCLC
  (p < 10-3) (p < 0.05) (p < 0.05)   H196 A549
rs7519667 Yes Yes   CHML --- Yes
     EXO1 Yes ---
     KMO Yes Yes
     OPN3 Yes ---
rs2700868 Yes   Yes ATP11B --- ---
rs2662411 Yes Yes   CCT5 Yes ---
     CMBL Yes ---
rs1106697 Yes Yes Yes RBM33 --- ---
rs1778335 Yes Yes   PIP4K2A Yes ---
rs17079623 Yes   Yes TMX3 --- ---
rs17304569 & rs7260598 Yes   Yes ZNF254 --- ---
  1. “Yes” under “Basis for selection” indicates individual candidate genes with the p-value listed. For the MTS assay, “Yes” indicates that knockdown of the gene altered taxane cytotoxicity when compared with control siRNA. All of the experiments with significant changes were performed in triplicate and were replicated at least three times.