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Table 5 Copy number alteration of K-RAS, PI3CA, BRAF

From: Copy Number Amplification of the PIK3CA Gene Is Associated with Poor Prognosis in Non-lymph node metastatic Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

  Not Amplified Amplification Deletion
K-RAS (12p12.1) 103(89.6%) 10(8.7%) 2(1.7%)
PIK3CA(3q26.3) 77(67.0%) 37(32.1%) 1(0.9%)
BRAF (7q34) 106(92.2%) 2(1.7%) 7(6.1%)
  1. We identified copy number changes in PIK3CA, K-RAS and BRAF. PIK3CA copy number amplification was found in 37 cases (32.2%).