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Table 1 Complete search strategy for Medline

From: Yoga for breast cancer patients and survivors: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Concept Search strategy
Yoga (yoga[MeSH Terms] OR yog*[Title/Abstract])
Health-related quality of life or psychological health (quality of life[MeSH Terms] OR quality of life[Title/Abstract] OR well-being[Title/Abstract] OR mental health[MeSH Terms] OR mental health[Title/Abstract] OR psychological health[Title/Abstract] OR anxiety[MeSH Terms] OR anxiety[Title/Abstract] OR depressive disorder[MeSH Terms] OR depression[Title/Abstract] OR stress[Title/Abstract] OR distress[Title/Abstract] OR affect[MeSH Terms] OR mood[Title/Abstract])
Breast cancer (breast neoplasms[MeSH Terms] OR (breast[Title/Abstract] AND (neoplasms[Title/Abstract] OR cancer[Title/Abstract] OR oncology[Title/Abstract])))