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Table 3 IC 50 of proliferation of eltrombopag on breast, lung, and ovarian tumor cell lines

From: Low or undetectable TPO receptor expression in malignant tissue and cell lines derived from breast, lung, and ovarian tumors

Cell line Tumor type IC50(μg/mL)
MCF-7 Breast carcinoma 19.0
BT474 Breast carcinoma 9.6
HCC1937 Breast carcinoma 10.7
A549 Lung alveolar cell carcinoma 9.0
NCI-H226 Lung squamous cell carcinoma 3.7
NCI-H460 Large cell lung carcinoma 8.1
NCI-H510 Small cell lung carcinoma 10.3
OVCAR3 Ovarian adenocarcinoma 4.8
OVCAR4 Ovarian carcinoma 11.0
SKOV-3 Ovarian adenocarcinoma 49.7