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Figure 2

From: Cancer specific promoter CpG Islands hypermethylation of HOP homeobox (HOPX) gene and its potential tumor suppressive role in pancreatic carcinogenesis

Figure 2

Analysis of HOPX-β methylation and expression in pancreatic cancer cell lines-2. (A) Representative bisulfite sequencing results in 5 PC cell lines and TE15. Arrowhead indicates dinucleotide CpG. (B) Cloned PCR products from PC cell lines. White and black circles denote unmethylated and methylated CpG sites, respectively. X means seven nucleotide deletion; AGGCCGG. (C) mRNA expression by RT-PCR (top panel) and Q-RT-PCR (bottom panel) after treatment with the demethylation agent, 5-aza-dC, in the presence or absence of TSA, a histone deacetylase inhibitor. 1A and 5A, 1 and 5 μM 5-aza-dC; T, TSA.

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