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Table 4 Role of molecular tests in the preoperative diagnosis

From: A molecular computational model improves the preoperative diagnosis of thyroid nodules

CDa BRAF V600E KIT class 1 (malignancy probability 100%) KIT class 4 (benignity probability 100%) BNNd (probability score >90%)
SPTC b 11(Mi) 1(Mi)   1(Mi)
IFP c    3(Bh) 8(Bh)
  CD e MD f + CD e DG g  
correctly diagnosed samples 49/87: 56% 73/87: 84% +28%  
  1. aCD: cytological diagnosis.
  2. bSPTC: suspicious papillary thyroid carcinoma.
  3. cIFP: indeterminate follicular proliferation.
  4. dBNN: Bayesian neural network.
  5. eCD: cytological diagnosis.
  6. fMD: molecular diagnosis.
  7. gDG: diagnostic gain.
  8. hB: benign.
  9. iM: malignant.