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Table 1 Reductions in vessel density after short-term sunitinib treatment

From: Sunitinib treatment does not improve blood supply but induces hypoxia in human melanoma xenografts

  All vessels Small vessels Large vessels
A-07-GFP 20 mg/kg/day 1.71 2.11 1.40
A-07-GFP 40 mg/kg/day 2.31 2.99 1.75
R-18-GFP 40 mg/kg/day 1.33 1.31 1.37
  1. Data refer to fold reduction in vessel density in sunitinib-treated tumors compared with untreated tumors after 4 days of treatment (i.e., vessel density in untreated tumors / vessel density in sunitinib-treated tumors). Vessel densities refer to the vessel density of all tumor vessels, only small tumor vessels (vessels with diameter < 15 μm), or only large tumor vessels (vessels with diameter > 15 μm).