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Figure 7

From: Derivation and characterization of matched cell lines from primary and recurrent serous ovarian cancer

Figure 7

Chemosensitivity of ovarian cancer cell lines to carboplatin and paclitaxel determined by clonogenic assay. Log10 data of drug concentrations is presented versus the percentage of control. Doses ranged from 0–300 μM for carboplatin, and from 0–300 nM for paclitaxel. The graphs represent the average +/− SD of three independent experiments. For TOV112D, it is average +/− SD of a single experiment conducted in triplicate. There was a significant difference between the IC50 value of carboplatin for OV2295, and OV2295(R2) and TOV2295(R) (1-way ANOVA, p > 0.001).

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