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Figure 2

From: Three new chondrosarcoma cell lines: one grade III conventional central chondrosarcoma and two dedifferentiated chondrosarcomas of bone

Figure 2

Cell morphology and migration. A: Light microscopy at 40x magnification. Top panel shows L835 cells with round nuclei do not fully populate the flask; day 13 is representative of a full flask for this cell line. Middle panel shows L2975 showing a full flask at day 6 already, multinucleated cells can be observed. Bottom panel shows L3252 still actively dividing, and dividing cells tend to detach and re-attach to the bottom of the flask. B-D Migration plotted against proliferation for the first 10 hours after plating. 1,000 – 10,000 cells were used in the proliferation assay and 100,000 cells in the migration assay. Though all cell lines show migrative capacity, L2975 cells are most successful and have high migrative activity during the first 4 hours after which the slope flattens.

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