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Figure 4

From: Biomarkers for antitumor activity of bevacizumab in gastric cancer models

Figure 4

Change in MVD after bevacizumab treatment. (A) CD31 immunostaining in tumor tissue at 96 h after treated with HuIgG (Ctrl) and bevacizumab (BV) in GXF97, SC-08-JCK, SC-10-JCK and SCH models. (B-E) The MVD in tumor tissue was determined by calculating the ratio of CD31-immunostaining positive area to the total observation area at 24 h, 96 h and 21 days (21 d) after bevacizumab treatment (n = 3-6/group). (F-I) Tumor volumes were measured on the day of MVD evaluation. (J) MVD after treatment of bevacizumab at 1 mg/kg was evaluated in GXF97 (n = 4). *: P < 0.05 vs. control group by Wilcoxon test.

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