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Table 2 High level amplifications and homozygous deletions in different cell lines

From: Characterization of genetic rearrangements in esophageal squamous carcinoma cell lines by a combination of M-FISH and array-CGH: further confirmation of some split genomic regions in primary tumors

CNAs Regiona Cell line Start Stop Genes
HLA 7p11 KYSE30, KYSE450 54572103 57613746 VSTM2A, SEC61G, EGFR, LANCL2, VOPP1, FKBP9L, ZNF713, MRPS17, GBAS, PSPH, CCT6A, SUMF2, PHKG1, CHCHD2, ZNF479, ZNF716
  8q24.21 KYSE450, KYSE510 128548643 129216964 POU5F1B, LOC727677, MYC, PVT1
  11q13.3-q13.4 KYSE30, KYSE180, KYSE510 68232360 70964483 MTL5, CPT1A, MRPL21, IGHMBP2, MRGPRD, MRGPRT, TPCN2, MYEOV, CCND1, ORAOV1, FGF19, FGF4, FGF3, ANO1, FADD, PPFIA1, CTTN, SHANK2, DHCR7, NADSYN1, KRTAP5-7, KRTAP5-8, KRTAP5-9, KRTAP5-10, KRTAP5-11
HD 9p21.3 KYSE180, KYSE450, KYSE510, YES2 21958099 22136626 CDKN2A, CDKN2B, CDKN2B-AS1
  1. HLA: high level amplification; HD: homozygous deletion; the Start and Stop positions are annotated by hg18.
  2. a Regions of amplifications or deletions in at least two cell lines.