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Table 5 OS (overall survival) according to  KRAS  mutation for the two different treatment arms

From: Effect of KRAS codon13 mutations in patients with advanced colorectal cancer (advanced CRC) under oxaliplatin containing chemotherapy. Results from a translational study of the AIO colorectal study group

OS FUFOX CAPOX p-value (log rank)
  n = 105 n = 96 HR (95% CI)
WT 24.2months 18.9months 0.31
    0.79 (0.51-1.24)
Codon 12 15.6months 15.5months 0.54
mutation    0.83 (0.45-1.53)
Codon 13 16.1months 16.5months 0.62
mutation    1.39 (0.37-5.37)
  1. OS, HR hazard ratio by cox regression, CI confidence interval.