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Figure 6

From: MicroRNA-196a promotes non-small cell lung cancer cell proliferation and invasion through targeting HOXA5

Figure 6

Effect of HOXA5 on NSCLC cell proliferation, migration and invasion. (A) A549 cells were transfected with si-HOXA5 or si-NC, and HOXA5 mRNA and protein levels were assessed by qRT-PCR and western blot. (B) Transwell assays were performed to investigate the migratory and invasive ability of NSCLC cells. (C, D) MTT assay and colony-forming growth assays were performed to determine the proliferation of si-NC or si-HOXA5 A549 cells. (E) The level of HOXA5 mRNA in NSCLC tissues was analyzed by qRT-PCR. (F) Analysis of the relationship between miR-196a expression and HOXA5 mRNA levels. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01.

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