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Table 1 Assessment schedule for the Recapture Life-AYA study

From: Online group-based cognitive-behavioural therapy for adolescents and young adults after cancer treatment: A multicenter randomised controlled trial of Recapture Life-AYA

Measure Intake T1a During interventionb T2c T3d
Psychosocial Adjustment to Illness Scale-Interview form (PAIS) X - - - -
Demographic data* - X - - -
Emotion thermometers tool* X - X X X
Homework Compliance Scale    X - -
Impact of Cancer Scale (IOCS)    - - -
Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scales-short form (DASS-21) X X - X X
Centrality of Event Scale-Short Form - X - X X
Perception as “cancer survivor” item X X - X X
McMaster Family Assessment Device* - X - X X
KIDCOPE-Older Version - X - X X
Youth Satisfaction Questionnaire* - X - X X
Intervention satisfaction items* - X - X X
  1. * Measures with an asterisk also used in support-person participants at these same time-points.
  2. a T1 = Baseline; bDuring intervention = weekly prior to intervention sessions 2–6; c T2 = post-intervention; d T3 = 12-month follow-up.