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Figure 4

From: Bax expression measured by AQUAnalysis is an independent prognostic marker in oral squamous cell carcinoma

Figure 4

Fluorescent immuno-histochemical staining of Bcl-XL using the HistoRx TM AQUA platform. (A) Representative examples of quantitative fluorescent IHC images for Bcl-XL expression on normal OCSE (top panel) and OSCC (two bottom panels). AQUA scores represent the expression level of Bcl-XL within the pan-cytokeratin defined epithelial/tumour compartment. DAPI-stained nuclei are depicted in blue, pan-cytokeratin-stained epithelial/tumour cells are depicted in green, and Bcl-XL protein expression is depicted in red. (B) Histogram distribution representing Bcl-XL expression within OSCC tumour samples. The solid blue line represents median Bcl-XL expression in normal OCSE, the broken blue lines represent +/−2 standard deviations from median Bcl-XL expression in normal OCSE, and the solid red line represents median Bcl-XL expression in OSCC.

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