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Figure 3

From: Stat1 activation attenuates IL-6 induced Stat3 activity but does not alter apoptosis sensitivity in multiple myeloma

Figure 3

MLPA Apoptosis gene expression profile of U-266-1970-pcIneo cells and U-266-1970-Stat1C cells. The cells were left untreated or were treated with IFN-γ for 6 hours as indicated, RNA lysates were prepared and subjected to MLPA analysis as described. Average relative gene expression from three independent experiments performed in duplicates, are displayed (one pcIneo-sample and one Stat1C-sample were lost). The relative mRNA gene expression is color coded from green (no expression) to red (highest expression) (see bar at the top). The MLPA probes are indicated on the right. All genes that differed more than 2x between empty-vector-transfected and Stat1C-expressing sub-lines are summarized in Table 1.

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