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Table 3 Outcome measures, assessment methods, and assessment time points of the study

From: Implementation and scientific evaluation of rehabilitative sports groups for prostate cancer patients: study protocol of the ProRehab Study

Measures Assessment methods 1. Test 1 Day Pre-OP 2. Test 6-12 Wk. Post-OP 3. Test 6 Mo. Post-OP (only IG) 4. Test 9 Mo. Post-OP (only IG) 5. Test 12. Mo. Post-OP (only IG) 6. Test 18. Mo. Post-OP
     15-month exercise intervention  
Physical performance Spiroergometry on treadmill   x   x   x
Incontinence Pad-Test   x   x   x
PSA, Testosterone, Endostatin, VEGF Blood Sample   x   x   x
Quality of Life EORTC-QLQ-C30/PR 25 x x x x x x
Erectile Dysfunction IIEF – Questionnaire x x x x x x
Physical Activity Level (MET- Score) Freiburger Questionnaire of Physical Activity   x x x x x
Compliance Compliance Questionnaire   x x x x x
  1. EORTC-QLQ-C30/PR25: European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer- Quality of Life Questionnaire- Cancer/Prostate Cancer Module, IG: intervention group, IIEF: International Index of Erectile Function, MET: metabolic equivalent, Post-OP: after surgery/primary treatment, Pre-OP: prior to surgery/primary treatment, PSA: prostate-specific antigen, VEGF: vascular endothelial growth factor.