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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Implementation and scientific evaluation of rehabilitative sports groups for prostate cancer patients: study protocol of the ProRehab Study

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
- malignant PCa disease - metastatic PCa disease
- primary treatment involved radical prostatectomy or combination therapy (radical prostatectomy + radiation) - patients scheduled to receive hormone treatment or (neo-) adjuvant chemotherapy
- primary treatment is completed - radiation as sole treatment
- primary treatment is at least 6 weeks, however no longer than 12 weeks ago - severe cardiac disease (NYHA III-IV)
- written consent - severe mental illness or chronic disease that rules out regular PA
  - alcohol, drug or medical abuse
  - insufficient German language skills
  - regular PA of more than 1 hour/week
  1. PCa: prostate cancer, PA: physical activity, NYHA: New York Heart Association.