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Table 1 Dose and fractionations by site

From: Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy for comprehensive treatment of oligometastatic tumors (SABR-COMET): Study protocol for a randomized phase II trial

Tumor Location Description Total Dose (Gy) Number of fractions Dose per fraction (Gy) Frequency
Lung Tumors 3 cm or less surrounded by lung parenchyma 54 3 18 Every second day
Abutting chest wall or >3 cm 55 5 11 Every second day
Within 2 cm of mediastinum or brachial plexus 60 8* 7.5 Every second day
Bone Any bone except femur 35 Gy 5 7 Daily
Vertebral body: additional options 16-20 Gy OR 1 16-20 Single dose
30 Gy 3 10 Every second day
Brain Metastases If whole brain treated, then simultaneous boost to each lesion 40 Gy to metastases 20 Gy whole brain (optional) 5 8 Gy to lesion 4 Gy WBRT Daily
Liver LRCP site: Dose is based on calculated normal tissue probability of <5%     Every second day
Other sites 45-60 3-8 7.5-15 Every second day
Adrenal   60 Gy 8 7.5 Every second day
  1. *If esophageal dose constraints cannot be met, 12 fractions should be used.