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Figure 3

From: Tumor stromal vascular endothelial growth factor A is predictive of poor outcome in inflammatory breast cancer

Figure 3

Kaplan-Meier survival estimates of BCSS (A, C, E) and DFS (B, D, F) in ER+ (A, B), LN- (C, D), and LN+ (E, F) IBC patients with low (dotted line) and high (continuous line) stromal VEGF-A. At month 39, a 3.9-fold reduction in BCSS (indicated by arrow in 3E), and 5.6-fold reduction and DFS (indicated by arrow in 3F) was observed in LN+ patients. The numbers of patients at risk of death from IBC are shown at 12, 24, 36, and 48 months below the x axis.

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