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Figure 4

From: Different fatty acid metabolism effects of (−)-Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate and C75 in Adenocarcinoma lung cancer

Figure 4

EGCG inhibits A549 xenograft growth and do not induce  in vivo  weight loss. A, once a week i.p. administration of 40 mg/kg of C75 () or EGCG () during 33 days blocked the growth of A549 lung cancer xenografts compared to control animals (). Circles represent individual increase in tumour volume at final day (day 33) and horizontal lines represent the median value for each experimental group. C75 and EGCG-treated tumours showed apoptosis, whereas FASN protein levels did not change. Treated and control tumours were lysed and equal amounts of lysates were subjected to Western blot analyses with anti-PARP and anti-FASN. Blots were reprobed for β-actin as loading control. Gels shown are representative of those obtained from two independent experiments. B, EGCG treatment does not induce weight loss. The body weight of each mouse was measured before and weekly after treatment with C75 or EGCG (40 mg/Kg/day for 33 days) or vehicle control. Data are expressed as percentage of initial body weight and represent mean values ± SE for each experimental group.

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