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Figure 1

From: Different fatty acid metabolism effects of (−)-Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate and C75 in Adenocarcinoma lung cancer

Figure 1

EGCG inhibits FASN activity in A549 cancer cells with no change on CPT system activity. A549 Cells were treated for 24 hours with C75 (72 μM) and EGCG (265 μM) and FASN activity was assayed by counting radiolabelled fatty acids synthesized de novo. Isolated mitochondria from A549 cells were assayed for CPT activity in the presence of DMSO (control), C75 (72 μM) or EGCG (265 μM), as described in Material and Methods. Bars represent the remaining enzyme activity in A549 treated cells or mitochondria. Data are means ± SE from at least 3 separate experiments. ** p < 0,001 versus control, by one-way ANOVA or Student’s t-test.

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