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Table 2 Cell line characteristics and SOX11 status

From: Expanded clinical and experimental use of SOX11 - using a monoclonal antibody

Cell line Disease SOX11 status1
GRANTA-519 Mantle cell lymphoma P
JEKO-1 Mantle cell lymphoma P
JVM-2 Mantle cell lymphoma N
REC-1 Mantle cell lymphoma P
SP53 Mantle cell lymphoma P
Z138 Mantle cell lymphoma P
DOHH-2 Follicular lymphoma N
RL Follicular lymphoma N
BJAB Burkitt’s lymphoma P
KM3 MOLT-4 Acute B-lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma Acute T-lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma PN
ES-2 Differentiated ovarian clear cell carcinoma N
OVCAR-3 Progressive adenocarcinoma P
TOV-112D Primary malignant adenocarcinoma P
  1. 1Determined by qPCR (Positive (P) and Negative (N)) - see Methods for description (data not shown).