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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Physiological and neurophysiological determinants of postcancer fatigue: design of a randomized controlled trial

Inclusion criteria (1) Age between 19 and 65 years
(2) Age at disease onset minimal 18 years
(3) Treated for a malignant, solid tumour
(4) Completion of treatment for cancer minimal 1  year ago (single treatment modality surgery/ current hormonal therapy permitted)
(5) Disease-free, as defined by the absence of somatic disease activity parameters
Exclusion criteria (1) Physical comorbidity that could explain the fatigue
(2) Current psychological or psychiatric treatment
(3) Brain tumour in the past
(4) Contra-indication for MR examinations (e.g. claustrophobia)
(5) Treatment with anti-depressive drugs, anti-epileptic drugs, or benzodiazepines
  (6) Insufficient command of the Dutch language to fill out questionnaires