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Table 2 Enriched BioCarta pathways among miR-143 down-regulated gene sets

From: MicroRNA-143 down-regulates Hexokinase 2 in colon cancer cells

BioCarta Pathway P-value
HIV-I Nef: negative effector of Fas and TNF 2.42.10-6
mTOR Signaling Pathway 7.43.10-5
Ras-Independent pathway in NK cell-mediated cytotoxicity 3.27.10-4
The IGF-1 Receptor and Longevity 1.00.10-3
Inhibition of Cellular Proliferation by Gleevec 2.70.10-3
Role of ERBB2 in Signal Transduction and Oncology 2.85.10-3
Cell Cycle: G1/S Check Point 5.09.10-3