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Figure 3

From: Generation of a new bioluminescent model for visualisation of mammary tumour development in transgenic mice

Figure 3

Evaluation of development and progression of spontaneous mammary tumours in MMTV-Luc2PyVT mice versus MMTV-Luc2het controls. (A)Evaluation of tumour development by palpation in double heterozygous MMTV-Luc2PyVT female mice versus MMTV-Luc2hetfemales. (B)Evaluation of the total body luminescent signal in MMTV-Luc2PyVT female mice versus MMTV-Luc2hetfemales between 5-10 weeks of age. Points: mean values + standard deviations (C)Longitudinal observation of the localisation and intensity of luminescent signal in a representative MMTV-Luc2PyVT female between 5-10 weeks of age. (D)Correlation between the intensity of total body luminescence readout at 5 weeks of age and the age of development of the first palpable tumour in MMTV-Luc2PyVT female mice. Line: linear regression curve fit (r2 = 0.4759; p = 0.0044) (E) Ex vivoluminescent imaging of mammary tumours isolated from the representative MMTV-Luc2PyVT female [shown in panel (C)] at the age of 10 weeks.

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