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Table 3 Focus list of differentially expressed TNF genes in P80HT B cells

From: NF-κB2 mutation targets survival, proliferation and differentiation pathways in the pathogenesis of plasma cell tumors

Gene RefSeq Fold P value Gene ontology/biological function
Tnfsf8/CD30L NM_009403 2.68 0.00839 Immune response
Tnfrsf4/Txgp1 NM_011659 2.39 0.00929 Positive regulation of B cell proliferation/Ig secretion
Tnfrsf9/CD137 NM_011612 2.08 0.01446 Regulation of cell proliferation
Traf1 NM_009421 1.79 0.00461 Regulation of apoptosis
Tnfrsf8/CD30 NM_009401 1.77 0.02024 Signal transduction
Tnfrsf18/Gitr NM_009400 1.70 0.00234 Apoptosis
Tnfrsf1b/Tnfr2 NM_011610 1.54 0.00654 Cell surface receptor linked signal transduction