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Table 4 Multivariate Cox regression analyses of systemic recurrence-free survival, and breast-cancer specific survival according to DTC detection in BM samples drawn at different time points from non-metastatic breast cancer patients

From: Persistent tumor cells in bone marrow of non-metastatic breast cancer patients after primary surgery are associated with inferior outcome

BM samples DTC-positive patients Systemic recurrence-free survival Breast-cancer specific survival
Hazard ratio P-values Hazard ratio P-values
BM1 16% 6.420 <0.001 7.081 <0.001
BM2 12% 5.793 <0.001 6.455 0.001
BM3 6% 6.841 0.004 4.888 0.022
BM2 and/or BM3 15% 5.397 <0.001 5.303 <0.001
BM1 and BM2/3 5% 7.188 <0.001 8.018 <0.001
  1. BM1 drawn prior to surgery; BM2 drawn three weeks after surgery; BM3 drawn six months after surgery.
  2. The different BM samples were included in the models in separate regression experiments. Only results from backward stepwise selection of variables are presented.