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Table 5 Risk of CRC in relation to fibre intake subdivided by IL10 genotype combinations

From: Interaction between interleukin-10 (IL-10) polymorphisms and dietary fibre in relation to risk of colorectal cancer in a Danish case-cohort study

IRR (95% CI)a
IRR (95% CI)b
PInteraction c
  Intake of dietary fibre (per 10 g/day)
rs3024505/C-592A (rs1800872)
wt/wt 0.64 (0.43-0.93) 0.65 (0.44-0.96)  
wt/variant 0.53 (0.34-0.83) 0.55 (0.35-0.86)  
variant/variant 0.72 (0.36-1.44) 0.75 (0.38-1.47)  
variant/wt 1.18 (0.86-1.62) 1.19 (0.87-1.65) 0.19
  1. a Crude analysis.
  2. b Analysis adjusted for smoking status, alcohol, HRT status (women only), BMI, use of NSAID, and intake of red and processed meat and dietary fibre.
  3. c P-value for interaction between polymorphisms and dietary factors for the adjusted estimates.