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Table 4 Study protocol steps for intervention group

From: Does access to a colorectal cancer screening website and/or a nurse-managed telephone help line provided to patients by their family physician increase fecal occult blood test uptake?: A pragmatic cluster randomized controlled trial study protocol

Study protocol step Description/details of study protocol step
STEP #1 Patients between the ages 50–74 report to the reception desk/support staff for their Periodic Health Examination (PHE) or regular visit in which the family physician determines there is an opportunity for colorectal cancer screening (Fecal Occult Blood Test; FOBT).
STEP #2 Support staff provides patients meeting the above criteria with the In-Clinic Patient Survey (found in the study binder marked In-Clinic Patient Surveys) on a clipboard.
STEP #3 Patient decides whether they will fill out the In-Clinic Survey.
If a patient declines to fill out the In-Clinic Survey, the support staff documents the patient’s age, gender, and reason(s) they declined to fill out survey (on the back of the In-Clinic Survey). Please clip the survey to the front of the study binder marked In-Clinic Patient Surveys.
  If a patient fills out the survey, they take it with them and give it to their family physician at the beginning of their appointment. Clipboard is returned to support staff so they are able to use it for the next patient.
STEP #4 The patient gives their In-Clinic Patient Survey to their family physician at the beginning of their appointment.
STEP #5 The family physician takes the In-Clinic Survey from the patient and determines if they are eligible for the study based on the inclusion/exclusion criteria found at the front of the family physicians study binder marked Patient Tracking Forms.
If patients are ineligible, clip the survey to the front of Study Binder
If patients are eligible:
Turn to an unused Patient Tracking Form in the Study Binder and record the date, the patient’s NAME, and mark the checkbox indicating the method of FOBT distribution to the patient.
Remove the study ID number sticker from the Patient Tracking Form and place it on the In-Clinic Survey.Remove study magnet from Patient Tracking Form and give it to the patient. Clip the In-Clinic Survey to the front of the Study Binder.
  Proceed with colorectal cancer screening with the Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT) as per usual clinical practice.
STEP#6 Study coordinator (Dr. Kathleen Clouston) will arrange a convenient date to collect forms and determine those completing their FOBT. In the event that you require more In-Clinic Surveys or have a question/comment/concern, please contact Dr. Clouston at 2723086 or