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Table 1 Description of stratification criteria Used in randomizing medical clusters to study groups

From: Does access to a colorectal cancer screening website and/or a nurse-managed telephone help line provided to patients by their family physician increase fecal occult blood test uptake?: A pragmatic cluster randomized controlled trial study protocol

Stratification criteria Description
Physician Integrated Network (PIN) [30] A Manitoba Health primary care renewal initiative that focuses on fee-for-service (FFS) physician groups.
Its goal is to facilitate systemic improvements in the delivery of primary care.
To improve access to primary care
To improve Primary Care Providers’ access to and use of information
To improve the work life for all primary care providers
  To demonstrate high quality primary care with a specific focus on Chronic Disease Management
Uniting Primary Care and Oncology Network (UPCON)[31] A collaborative partnership between Winnipeg family practice clinics/primary health care centres and CancerCare Manitoba (CCMB) that is dedicated to promoting and supporting the shared care of the cancer patient.