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Table 1 Summary of interventions and measures used at repeated points in time

From: Design of the study: How can health care help female breast cancer patients reduce their stress symptoms? A randomized intervention study with stepped-care

   Time of assessment
Questionnaire Inclusion Intervention
Step 1
3 months after inclusion Interventions
Step 2
1 month after completed intervention 12 months after completed intervention
n 300 300 300 150 150 300
IES [15] X   X   X X
HADS [16] X   X   X X
EORTC QLQ C-30 [17] X   X   X X
EORTC QLQ BR-23 [18] X   X   X X
EQ-5D [19] X   X   X X
MFI [20, 21] X   X   X X
Stress in daily living [22] X   X   X X
Self-reported sick leave and use of other professional services X   X   X X
Background data X      X
Patient satisfaction with interventions [11]    X   X X
PGPQ [23] (n = 150)    X   X X