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Figure 2

From: Novel synergistic antitumor effects of rapamycin with bortezomib on hepatocellular carcinoma cells and orthotopic tumor model

Figure 2

Effects of rapamycin and bortezomib on migration and invasion of HCCLM3. (A, C) The transwell assay demonstrated that rapamycin and combined treated cells migrated through the membrane in less number compared with control group. The inhibitory effect of migration was markedly enhanced by combined treatment. (B, D) Rapamycin or bortezomib significantly inhibited cell invasion, as compared with control group. No significant difference was observed between rapamycin treatment alone and combined treatment (magnification, ×400). * P < 0.05, versus control group; ** P < 0.01, versus control group; # P < 0.01, versus rapamycin treatment group.

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