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Figure 3

From: Serial selection for invasiveness increases expression of miR-143/miR-145 in glioblastoma cell lines

Figure 3

Expression level of miR-143 and -145 in human glioblastoma cells by miRNA probe array. The miRNA expression profile in each of eight glioblastoma cell populations was determined by using miRCURY LNA microRNA Arrays. (A) Two way hierarchical clustering of human glioblastma cells (U87, U251, U373) was represented by the heat map diagram. miRNA and sample clustering tree appear on the right and at the top respectively. The color scale at the bottom demonstrates the expression level of miRNAs across all samples: red color represents the expression level above the mean, blue color represents the expression level lower than the mean. (B) The diagram illustrates the differentially expressed miRNAs in IM3/parental cells of three human glioblastma cell lines (U87, U251, U373). Each bar represents the fold change between IM3 cells and Parental cells. Fold change > 1 indicates up-regulation of miRNA expression in IM3 cells while fold change < 1 indicates down-regulation of miRNA expression in IM3. Green: U87; Red: U373; Blue: U251 (C) The expression of miRNA was quantitated and validated with qRT-PCR analysis. All reactions were performed in triplet.

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