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Table 7 Summary of findings of positive (+ve)a and negative (-ve)b findings of space-time clustering from recent childhood studies

From: Space-time clustering of childhood central nervous system tumours in Yorkshire, UK

Study/Disease Group (ICCCc Code(s)) McNally and colleagues7 McNally and colleagues5,6 This study
Ependymoma (III(a)) -ve d -ve
Astrocytoma (III(b)) +ve -ve -ve
Ependymoma and Astrocytoma (III(a), III(b)) +ve d -ve
PNET (III(c)) -ve -ve +ve
Other gliomas (III(d)) -ve d -ve
All CNS tumours (III(a-f)) +ve +ve -ve
  1. a P < 0.05.
  2. b P ≥ 0.05.
  3. cInternational Classification of Childhood Cancer.
  4. dNot analysed