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Table 5 Results of K-function space-time clustering analyses for place of diagnosis and date of diagnosisa

From: Space-time clustering of childhood central nervous system tumours in Yorkshire, UK

ICCCb code(s) Disease group Geographical distancec (P-values) NN thresholdd (P-values)
III(a) Ependymoma 0.64 0.81
III(b) Astrocytoma 0.31 0.14
III(a), III(b) Ependymoma and Astrocytoma 0.67 0.62
III(c) PNET 0.03e 0.01e
III(d) Other gliomas 0.26 0.55
III(e), III(f) Other Specified and Unspecified 0.79 0.85
III(a-f) All CNS tumours 0.84 0.92
  1. aCases are close in time if dates of diagnosis differ by <t, where t is in the range 0.1 year to 1.5 year.
  2. b International Classification of Childhood Cancer.
  3. cCases are close in space if distances between their locations differ by <s, where s is in the range 0.5-7.5 km.
  4. dCases are close in space if either one is within the distance to the N th nearest neighbour of the other, where N ranges from 1-15.
  5. eStatistically significant (P < 0.05).