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Figure 2

From: A mouse model for triple-negative breast cancer tumor-initiating cells (TNBC-TICs) exhibits similar aggressive phenotype to the human disease

Figure 2

Selection of triple-negative breast cancer-cancer stem cells (TNBC-TICs). CD24, CD44 and ALDH1 antibodies were used to isolate a population of breast cancer tumor-initiating cells (TICs) from TNBC. TNBC (106) were placed on ice and stained with anti-CD24-FITC (top panels), anti-CD44-PE (middle panels) and anti-ALDH1 (bottom panels). Cells were sorted using a FACSort with a Lysys II software program (Becton & Dickinson). Individual cells were gated based on forward (FSC) and orthogonal scatter (SSC). Cell debris was excluded by raising the FSC-height PMT threshold. Histograms are mean relative counts and are a representative experiment of three independently performed experiments with similar results.

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