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Table 3 Genes Known To Be Up or Down-Regulated In Cervical Cancers Found Also In Our Study

From: Identification and validation of genes involved in cervical tumourigenesis

1 CCNB1 Cell cycle Overexpressed in cervical cancers [62]
2 CDC20 Cell cycle HR-HPV E2 interaction [63]
3 CDC25B Cell cycle FOXM1 increases Cyclin B1, CDC25B, Cyclin D1 in cervical cancers [64]
4 CDH3 Cell adhesion P-Cadherin predominant cadherin in high grade cervical dysplasia [65]
5 CDKN2A Cell cycle Overexpressed in high grade dysplasia and invasive cancers [66]
6 CKS2 Cell cycle Overexpressed in cervical cancer [67]
7 DTX3L Ubiquitin pathway Overexpressed in cervical cancer [68]
8 INDO/IDO1 Immuno-suppression Role in inducing immunosuppression in the tumour milleu [69]
9 ISG15/G1P2 Ubiquitin like protein Over-expressed in invasive cancer [70]
10 ISG20 Exonuclease with higher affinity for RNA Up-regulated by HPV E6 [71]
11 KRT17 Intermediate filament; marker for epithelial "stem cells" Overexpressed in cervical cancer [72]
12 LAMB3 Basement membrane protein HR-HPV-E6 inhibits miR-218 which regulates LAMB3 [73]
13 MCM4 Cell cycle Widely expressed in cervical cancers [74]
14 MCM6 Cell cycle Over-expressed in cancer [75]
15 MMP1 Breakdown of extracellular matrix Overexpressed in cervical cancers [76]
16 MMP3 Breakdown of extracellular matrix Metastatic lymphnodes in cervical cancer harbour MMP3 positive tumour cells [77]; Increased in stroma in cancers [78]
17 SLC2A1 Glucose transporter Expressed in CIN and invasive cervical cancers [79]
18 STAT1 Transcription activator Overexpressed in cervical cancers [80]
19 TK1 Thymidine kinase Up-regulated in invasive cancers [81]
20 TOP2A Topoisomerase Overexpressed in cervical cancers [82]
21 UBE2C Ubiquitin pathway Overexpressed in cervical cancer [76]
1 PCNA Cell cycle Major up-regulation of PCNA upon progression to CIN3 [83]
1 FBLN1 Cell adhesion; tumour suppressor E6 binds to Fibulin1 and modulates its activity [84]
2 CD36 Cell adhesion CD36 down-regulated in high grade dysplasias and cancer [85]
3 CXCL14 Immunoregulatory cytokine Down-regulated in cervical and head and neck cancers [86]
4 GJA1 Gap junction Down-regulated in CIN3 and invasive cancers [87]
5 KRT10 Intermediate filament Down-regulated in invasive cancer [72]