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Table 2 Genes Identified as Up or Down-Regulated In Cervical Cancers For The First Time

From: Identification and validation of genes involved in cervical tumourigenesis

1 AGRN Basement membrane component Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)[27], Synovial sarcoma [28]
2 CCL18 Attracts lymphocytes towards dendritic cell Gastric cancer [29]
3 CKS1B Cell cycle Breast cancer [30] etc.
4 COL7A1 Epithelial basement membrane organization Oesophageal cancer [31]
5 DNYLL1/DLC1 Inhibits neuronal nitric oxide synthase Breast cancer [32]
6 FERMT1 Cell adhesion; TGF-β signalling Lung and colon cancer [33]
7 FST Activin antagonist; inhibits synthesis and secretion of FSH Wilm's tumour, Basal cell carcinoma [34]
8 IGF2BP2 Regulate translation of target mRNA Testicular cancer [35], HCC [36]
9 IL8 Inflammatory cytokine Several cancers; HR-HPV+VIN [37]
10 KLK9 Serine protease Bladder cancer [38], breast cancer [39]
11 MELK Leucine zipper kinase Colo-rectal cancer, lung cancer, [40] brain cancer [41]
12 PLOD2 Lysyl hydroxylase Glioblastoma [42]
13 RASSF6 Tumour suppressor Low levels detected in HeLa cell line [43]
14 SLC16A1 Monocarboxylate transporter Neuroblastoma [44]
15 SMC4 Chromosome condensation; DNA repair Breast cancer [45]
16 APOBEC3B RNA editing enzyme None to date
17 ASB16 Ubiquitin pathway None to date
18 NUP210 Nuclear pore complex None to date
19 THOC6 Splicesome associated protein None to date
20 TMEM123 Induces Pro-oncosis type cell death None to date
1 CCNB2 Cell cycle Lung [46], pituitary tumours [47]
2 EBP ER Protein ALK+ Anaplastic large cell lymphoma [48]
3 NUSAP1 Microtubule associated protein Melanoma [49]
4 CALML5 Calcium binding protein Psoriasis [50]
5 FLJ44635 TPT1-like protein None to date
1 C20ORF114 Innate immunity Nasopharyngeal cancer [51]
2 CRNN Tumour suppressor Tongue cancer [52]
3 CSTB Thiol proteinase inhibitor; anti-metastatic Laryngeal cancer [53]
4 DBI Intracellular carrier for Acyl-COA esters Overexpressed in Brain tumours [54]
5 FCGBP Maintenance of mucosal surface Prostate [55]
6 HOPX Tumour suppressor Choriocarcinoma [56] and lung cancer [57]
7 SLURP1 Anti-tumour; anti-angiogenic Hypopharyngeal cancer; Can induce apoptosis in Kaposi's sarcoma [58]
8 SPINK5 Serine protease inhibitor Tongue cancer [59]
9 TFF3 Protect mucosa Down-regulated in highly invasive colon cancers [60] and in thyroid cancers [61]
10 CAPNS2 Thiol protease None to date
11 DAPL1 Epithelial differentiation None to date
12 GLB1L3 Galactosidase beta1 like None to date
13 HEBP2 Heme binding protein None to date
14 KRTDAP Keratinocyte differentiation None to date