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Figure 3

From: c-MYC expression sensitizes medulloblastoma cells to radio- and chemotherapy and has no impact on response in medulloblastoma patients

Figure 3

Clonogenic survival of DAOY MB cells after IR, cisplatin, etoposide, and doxorubicin. The clonogenic survival of DAOY (c-MYC over-expressing) cells following IR (A), cisplatin (B), etoposide (C), and doxorubicin (D) is more compromised as assessed by clonogenic survival assay compared with control cells (DAOY wt, V11). Values represent the mean percentage of clonogenic survival (representative from two independent experiments) compared with non-irradiated or solvent-only treated cells ± standard deviation (n = 3). Student's t-test compared DAOY M2/treated cells vs. DAOY V11/treated cells (***: P < 0.001, **: P < 0.01,*: P < 0.05).

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