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Table 5 Summary of genes regulated by IL-3, BCR-ABL, TEL-PDGFRB and TEL-JAK2 at steady-state (1 week).

From: Tyrosine kinase chromosomal translocations mediate distinct and overlapping gene regulation events

Dok2 - Up* - -
Daf1 - Up Down -
Ndrg1 - Up Down -
Stat1 - - Up -
Gbp1 - - Up ?
Isg20 - - Up Up
Id1 Up* Up Up* -
Mrvi1 - Up Up -
Gp49b Up Up* - Up
Cxcl10 - Up Up Up
Scin - Down Down Down
Col5a1 Down Down Down* -
  1. All genes were validated by Q-PCR using RNA samples extracted from 2-5 distinct cell populations. Data represent mean fold-change in gene expression at 1 week compared to the expression at 0 h and SEM. All changes in gene expression were associated with p-value < 0.05 as determined by a student t-test unless indicated by asterisk, which denotes p-value < 0.1. Dotted line (-) indicates no significant change
  2. In addition, Cxcl10 was confirmed to be induced by all three fusions even though it was initially identified as a TEL-PDGFRB-regulated gene (Tables 2 & 5).