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Table 3 Clinical outcome according to pEGFR immunohistochemistry

From: Biomarker analysis of cetuximab plus oxaliplatin/leucovorin/5-fluorouracil in first-line metastatic gastric and oesophago-gastric junction cancer: results from a phase II trial of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Internistische Onkologie (AIO)

  pEGFR detectable pEGFR non detectable P value
Overall response rate
(CR and PR)
31% 92% 0.004*
Clinical benefit rate
(CR, PR and SD)
62% 92% 0.160*
Median time to progression 121 days 291 days 0.018**
Median overall survival 285 days 490 days 0.619**
  1. *Fisher's exact test, two-sided
  2. **log-rank P