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Figure 10

From: Nck2 promotes human melanoma cell proliferation, migration and invasion in vitro and primary melanoma-derived tumor growth in vivo

Figure 10

Effect of Nck2 on human primary melanoma-derived tumor growth in vivo. CD-1 Nude mice of 6-week-old were injected subcutaneously with human parental WM278 primary melanoma cells, WM278 cells overexpressing either GFP or GFP-Nck2, or human WM1617 metastatic melanoma cells (5 × 106) into the right flank. (A) The mice were monitored for tumor development. (B). Tumor volume progression assessed with calipers every week in indicated mice. Tumors with volume bigger than 50 mm3 (dashed line) were considered during the course of the study.

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