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Table 2 Study measures

From: A randomised controlled trial of a cognitive behavioural intervention for women who have menopausal symptoms following breast cancer treatment (MENOS 1): Trial protocol

Phase Pre-baseline A0 Baseline assessment Treatment phase A1 Post-treatment assessment A2 Follow up assessment
Interview measures      
   Medical history incl. breast cancer treatment, menopause symptoms, concomitant medications and therapies   X    
Questionnaire measures      
   Weekly diaries X1   X2   
   Demographics: Age, BMI, ethnicity, parity, marital status, education, employment, smoking, drinking, exercise   X    
   Hot flush rating scale   X X2 X X
   Hot flush beliefs scale   X   X X
   Women's health questionnaire   X   X X
   Perceived Stress Scale   X   X X
   Somatic Amplification Scale   X   X X
   SF-36   X   X X
   Life Orientation Test   X    
   Use of services     X X
   CBT session evaluation     X3  
24 hour monitoring      
   Sternal skin conductance   X   X  
   24 hour diary   X   X  
  1. Notes:
  2. 1Two weekly diaries completed prior to baseline assessment
  3. 2Completed each week for 6 weeks by those randomised to Group CBT only
  4. 3Completed by participants receiving Group CBT only