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Table 1 Definition of endpoints and events as suggested by the consensus agreement of Punt et al. J Natl Cancer Inst 2007; 99(13): 998-1003.

From: Survival endpoints in colorectal cancer and the effect of second primary other cancer on disease free survival

Locoregional recurrence E E E E I I
Distant metastases E E E E I I
Second primary, same cancer E I I E I I
Second primary, other cancer E I I E I I
Death from same cancer E E E E E E
Death from other cancer E E C E C E
Non - cancer-related death E E C C C E
Treatment-related death E E C E C E
Loss to follow-up C C C C C C
  1. DFS = disease-free survival; RFS = relapse-free survival; TTR = time to recurrence; TTF = time to treatment failure; CSS = cancer specific survival; OS = overall survival; E = event; C = censor; I = ignore