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Figure 2

From: Semiallogenic fusions of MSI+tumor cells and activated B cells induce MSI-specific T cell responses

Figure 2

Cytotoxic reactivity of Fc-stimulated T cells. T cells were generated against Fc1 (TcFc1, left) and against Fc2 (TcFc2, right). A. Specific cytotoxic activity against the MSI+, HLA-A02+ colon carcinoma cell line HCT116 is shown with and without prior IFN-γ-treatment (200 U/ml). Both TcFc1 and TcFc2 cultures lack reactivity towards autologous CD40 Bs. B. Specific lysis of MSI+, HLA-A02+ colon carcinoma cell line Colo60H is shown in contrast to that of microsatellite stable, HLA-A02+ colon carcinoma cell lines SW707 and SW480. Lack of reactivity against NK sensitive K562 excludes NK cell activity. C. Cytotoxic potential of TcFc1 and TcFc2 towards the MSI+, HLA-A02+ prostate carcinoma cell line LNCaP compared to the MSI+ HLA-A02- prostate carcinoma cell line DU-145. Target cells were labelled with [51Cr]-sodium chromate for 1 h. Different effector to target cell ratios (E:T ratio) are shown. All results are displayed as the mean and standard deviation from three replicate wells.

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