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Figure 1

From: Semiallogenic fusions of MSI+tumor cells and activated B cells induce MSI-specific T cell responses

Figure 1

Characteristics of T cells stimulated with fusion and control cells. A. Growth curve of T cells stimulated with fresh fusions (d1), Fc1, Fc2, autologous CD40 Bs and HCT116 cells. Fusion clones (Fc1 and Fc2) generated from autologous CD40 Bs and HCT116 were able to stimulate long-lasting growth of autologous T cells compared to CD40 Bs or HCT116 alone. Days in culture are given together with the calculated growth factor accumulated over the culture time. B. ELISpot analysis of T cells stimulated with Fc1. T cells (1 × 104 cells/well) were stimulated with 2 × 104 CD40 Bs, HCT116 and Fc1 cells per well as targets. Analysis was performed in triplicates. The number of IFN-γ releasing activated T cells for the total number of cells analyzed (104) is given together with the standard deviation.

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